Azure Data Lake Governance

Data Governance Practices Targetting Data Safety and Security

ExcelliMatrix understand that a critical part of today business environment is Data Governance. Let us help you to implement strong Data Governance rules, policies and practices.

Azure Data Lake Governance

Data governance are the initiatives your organization takes to create and enforce rules/policies intended to protect and security data. These rules/policies should cover

  • Classification of Data
  • Protection of Data
  • Dection of Anomalies
  • Reponse Planning
  • Recovery Planning

These tenants hold true for your Enterprise Data Lake. The challenge for organizations is the balance between data governance and productivitiy associated with curtailed data access.


Our objective is to work with your Information Security and Governance Professionals to develop a Data Lake Governance Plan that maps to your needs and operational objectives. The application of NIST 800-171 principals is one componenet of ensuring your critical information remains available to those who need it, and out of the hands of those that shouldn't have it.

Our team knows the importance of the work we do for our clients. We know that our efforts have a direct impact on your productivity, profitability and success, so we take our tasks seriously! We look forward to providing your company with strong
ROI and value.