Azure Data Lake Monitoring

Data Lake Monitoring is key to ensuring your Data Lake Environment is up and running and adheres to SLAs

ExcelliMatrix will work with you to implement a Data Lake Environment monitoring and alerting solution that pushes the day-to-day auditing of performance and processing to a tools layer.

Azure Data Lake Monitoring

Too many solution provides suggest implementing "yet another tool" for monitor the activities of your Enterprise Data Lake. Our approach is to integrate Data Lake Monitoring into your existing toolset.

  • Solarwinds
  • PRTG
  • ManageEngine
  • Nagios
  • Zabbix
  • emOversight
  • Graylog
However if you have special needs, or a desire to provide end user visibility into the health of the Data Lake Environment, we can implement user friendly dashboard using our emFramework. Our implementation can even go as far as using our emOversight (network monitoring) solution to provide a detailed view into your minute-to-minute environmental health.


For each source of data being ingested into your Enterprise Data Lake you need to know that the processes are working, that the data latency is as expected, and that the information is available to the organization. To accomplish this you need to have a Data Lake health monitoring strategy that fulfills each of those tenants. The architecture diagram illustrates one of several approachs that can be utilized to ensure you can meet or exceed your organization end user SLAs.

We take an event centric approach to Data Lake health monitoring so that we can capture the detail you need, when you need it. This detail can be fed into your existing network monitoring, or syslog platform to capitalize on your existing investments and practices.

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