ExcelliMatrix Provides Services Designed To Positively Impact Your Business

The services that ExcelliMatrix provides fall into three major categores: Manages Services, Cyber Security, and Software Developmenet.

Managed Services

ExcelliMatrix provides managed infrastructure solutions for business of all sizes. Our broad experience and portfolio includes firewall and security appliance management including our own emOversight appliance, virtualization services, server and operating system services, data backup expertise and more. As a trusted partner in your IT management, we create a customized solution that fits the specific needs of your organization.

Cyber Security

Everyday a new internet threat or virus emerges to become an imposing menace to your organization. ExcelliMatrix will develop, manage and optimize the internal systems, tools and personnel to help you mitigate these risks. Partner with cyber security pros because there is no need to handle these risks alone.

Software Development

ExcelliMatrix specializes in providing customized solutions to a wide range of industries. From banks and financial institutions, to manufacturers and real estate brokerages, our team is well versed in helping you meet the challenges facing your company. Staying ahead of the competition and on top of your productivity, operations and profitability is easier when you partner with us.

Our team knows the importance of the work we do for our clients. We know that our efforts have a direct impact on your productivity, profitability and success, so we take our tasks seriously! We look forward to providing your company with strong
ROI and value.